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Copy of About Dr Reena

Welcome to the wonderful journey that is parenthood.

Your long-awaited baby has finally arrived and with it a newfound sense of love, joy and elation. You thought you were ready for the sleepless nights and some marathon feeding sessions. You’ve quickly got used to the distinct aroma of sour-smelling milk following you everywhere, and let’s not mention your new found obsession with wind, wee and poo!

But what happens when that little bundle feels like a tornado that’s turning your world upside-down?

When breastfeeding is so much harder than it looks, your baby has green poo up to his ears, or vomits more than is humanly possible from such a tiny human? My guess is you do what most parents have done before you, you search for help. You’re given well-meaning advice from family and friends (even strangers). You’ve done your research, thanks to Dr. Google. You’ve seen Doctors, Nurses, perhaps a Paediatrician. Hopefully, some of this advice has been helpful and assisted you and your family along the way. Sadly, many of the families I see end up just feeling more confused and less confident than when they began. How can something so beautiful and natural be so hard?? This is a great question and one with many answers. That’s where I come in. I’m here to help you and your family navigate this journey.

My Approach

As a Mum, I personally understand many of the challenges that early parenting can bring. As a health professional, I have the ability to sort through the current literature and often conflicting messages to help encourage, educate and empower you to raise your child, in a safe and healthy way that fits within your personal parenting style.

My Story

Having successfully (depending on your definition…) breastfed both my babies, whilst working away from the home, pumping in my breaks, and commuting up to 2 hours per day I am no stranger to the myriad of problems and challenges that can occur with babies and infant feeding difficulties, be it breast or bottle. From recurrent mastitis to white spot, reflux and colic, plagiocephaly and sleep apnoea – you name it, my kids threw it all at me (literally)!  As so many sleep-deprived Mums do I tried to figure out what to do to help my babies and I feed well and sleep well. I saw GP’s, Child Health Nurses, Allied and Alternative Health Practitioners, Lactation Consultants, multiple Specialists – they each had a part to play in helping us along our journey and for that, I am very grateful.

As a result, I have spent many years since obtaining my original qualification as an Osteopath studying. From completing my post-graduate studies in infants and neonates to become one of the first Advanced Paediatric Osteopath's in Australia (for more info on what this means click here), to becoming an internationally board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC). I have also undergone further training in cranio-sacral therapy, tongue tie assessment and treatment (through the Tongue-Tie Institute) and am a certified Myobrace Educator.

It is with this unique background of personal experience and professional expertise that I assist the families within my care. So if you would like some help navigating this life-changing season then please get in touch with me to see how I can assist you and your family today.

To arrange an appointment

I am available for in-clinic consultations or by virtual consultation for those who are unable to attend in person. Geographic location shouldn’t limit you from getting the support and advice you need. For more information regarding virtual telehealth consultations or to book in for an in clinic consultation in my Camden rooms please call 02 4655 5588