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See the calendar below for availability:

  • Wednesdays via Telehealth (other days by request - please call 4655 5588)
    • Lactation Consultation
    • Lip and Tongue Ties
  • Tuesdays in Camden
    • Osteopathy
    • Oral Assessment Tongue Ties (follow up)
    • Pre-post frenectomy treatment
    • Note: all appointments to be made with Dr Amy Kivell with Reena to assist, please call or book now
  • If you are unsure which appointment type to choose, or how Telehealth works for Lactation Consultation please call us on 02 4655 5588 and our team of friendly receptionists will be able to assist you.

Note: Please complete your patient information form prior to your appointment. This information helps us prepare for your upcoming visit, helping us to run on time and ensuring you receive the most out of your initial consultation. The appointment is in the name of your child so please complete using their details.

Osteopathy: Paediatric New Patient Intake Form (Child 0-4yrs)

Lactation & Oral Assessment New Patient Intake Form

Osteopathy: New Patient Intake Form (4+yrs)